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Political outfits of Sikkim condemns STNM stabbing incident

With many heinous crimes taking place like the run over incident in MG Marg and recently the stabbing at STNM hospital where a cardio consultant and the staff were stabbed multiple times by an assailant on December 14 within the hospital compound; it puts up a question towards the state administration regarding the safety of the people.
Both these incidents took place in public spaces and left a notable impact in the minds of many who witnessed or heard about the news.
“This incident is not something that we hear often, as you all may know STNM is a government run hospital but we still tried to provide private hospital security levels, until due to the requests from the general public regarding visitations we gave relaxation over the criteria” said CM PS Golay “If you look at the armed forces that were placed at the hospital that day then I wouldn’t call it lapse in security since they couldn’t have known wether someone had a knife hidden in their pockets as they don’t check every individual throughly, they were just doing as they were told from their superiors and this was just a mishap that took place unfortunately. But speaking now, we as a government shall look into the matter and increase security and place laws so that such incidents don’t take place in the future” he added.
The victims sustained serious injuries from the knife attack at STNM and are presently holding on to dear life.
“After the incident that took place, it showed us that there seems to be a lot of negligence by the STNM Hospital management and Health department in this critical matter” said State BJP spokesperson Raju Giri.
The State BJP highlighted the unfortunate incident and how the Health department, hospital management and the State government were inactive to ensure proper treatment and reference for the victims.
“In the incident that took place, the injured could not get proper treatment and were referred only after the involvement by the Chief Minister almost 24hours after. If so much negligence is seen in the treatment of a specialist doctor, just imagine how much the general public may be suffering” said Giri.
Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has also expressed his sorrow and surprise over the attack on Dr. Sanjay Upreti and sanitary attendant Kala Chettri.
“I learnt about the attack via media and for such an act to be done in a public space just about anywhere is intolerable. I am at a loss for words, all I have been doing is praying for their recovery. I appeal to the administration to leave no stone unturned and to make every attempt to help with the recovery. I also appeal to the concerned authorities to provide justice by an exemplary punishment to the offender” said the SDF president.
Crime rates have decreases to about 23% after SKM formed the government in 2019 is the statement given by the ruling party but recent events have highlighted many red flags and lapses in how the state administration is operating. This leaves the public questioning for more to be done and has put a spotlight over the administration and their actions following the matter.

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