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Passang Tshering Lepcha, who protested against Sumant Kumar at Jantar Mantar, physically assaulted

Passang Tshering Lepcha, a member of Sikkim Mulniwasi Surakcha Sangh, who protested against the Sumant Kumar, anti 371 (F) protestor, lodges a first incident report (FIR) against one Diwas Subba for physically assaulting him on November 15. The report was filed at Ranipool Station.

In the incident report , Lepcha mentioned that, “A sudden physical attack on me (was launched) in our village by one Diwas Subba of 10 Mile, Pabyuik. He tried blocking the road with his two-wheeler.”

“The reason for such a physical attack on me is best know to him and must be investigated in depth, and his associates must be interrogated. The attack was intended and pre-planned and I believe that there must be some forces behind him for attacking me.” He added.

He further mentioned that he believes that the reason for his attack are of several dimensions:
“I am one of the persons who protested against Sumant Kumar at Jantar-Mantar on 09
September 2022 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, which was broadcasted by Delhi-based four TV channels on the same day.”

“I am vocal for Sikkim and Sikkimese people, and vocal for the protection of the Article 371F of the Indian Constitution, the special provisions for the State of Sikkim.”

“I am vocal concerning an unregulated influx and national security in the Himalayan border State of Sikkim.”

“I am vocal for not properly implementing the existing Inner Line Permit (IL P) system in Sikkim for the entry of foreigners including Nepal and Bhutan nationals.”

“I am vocal for not regulating the Labor Card system meant for the migrant labors.”

He went on to further urge police to investigate the matter seriously.

He mentioned in the FIR, “This is crucial for my personal security and is extremely important in the interest of national security. The personal background of this person and his associates must be investigated.”

“Hope for an appropriate action and request for no outside interference in the investigation.” His statement added.

On September 9, Lepcha had signed on a General Diary complaint against the Sumant Kumar on the grievances regarding insults to the people of Northeastern State of Sikkim and demand for abrogation of Article 371 (F) of the Indian Constitution, representing Sikkim Mulniwasi Surakcha Sangh on New Delhi.

The General Diary written to the Delhi Police had mentioned that, “It has come to our (SMSS) notice through social media that one Sumant Kumar of Gopalganj, Bihar has been staging a dharna at the Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi demanding the abrogation of the Article 371F, special provisions granted to the State of Sikkim.

His inflammatory offensive and brutal insults and defamation to the North-East State of Sikkim, the Sikkimese people and their culture, and his demand for the abrogation of the Article 371F have appeared in the form of grievances.

We condemn his protest, and his submissions are not acceptable, which may lead to ethnic chaos and unrest in the border State of Sikkim, for which he must be responsible.

Therefore, we request you to investigate the matter at the earliest. Insulting the people of North-East State of Sikkim cannot be tolerated anymore.”

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