Pakyong to be the newest and fifth district of Sikkim.

As per the official data the Pakyong district will be composed of three existing sub- divisions namely Pakyong, Rongli and Rangpo which was earlier part of the east district of the state.

The total area of the proposed district will be 404sq.Km which includes 175 sq km of Pakyong, 216 sq km of Rongli and 13 sq km of Rangpo.

The new district will have a population of 74,583 people as per 2011 census with 36,392 people from Pakyong, 27,741 from Rongli and 10,450 from Rangpo subidivision. In addition five Assembly constituencies namely West Pendam, Rhenock, Chujachen, Gnathang-Machong, and Namcheybong  will be a part of the new district

Further the only airport of Sikkim, Greenfield Aiprort of Pakyong will also be under the new district along with the Majitar Railway station. In addition total of 4 national highways will also fall under the district  namely NH-10, NH-717A, NH-717B and Rolep-Menla National Highway.

Total of 11 Revenue circles which includes six of Pakyong, three of Rongli and two of Rangpo along with 51 Revenue circles which includes 23 of Pakyong, 19 of Rongli and 9 of Rangpo will be part of the new district.

The new district will also comprise two ADC Circles namely Pakyong and Gangtok along with 27 BDO blocks including 9 of Pakyong, 3 of Parakha, 7 of Rongli anf 4 of Duga. In addition, Rangpo Nagar Panchayat is the only munciplaity.

Furthermore, four Police stations namely Pakyong, Rongli, Rhenock and Rangpo, 3 Border check posts at Rangpo, Reshi and Lingsey  along with 3 fire stations which includes Pakyong, Rangpo and Rhenock to come under the jurisdiction  of the proposed district.

In terms of hospitals, Singtam-District Hospital to be the district hospital along with one CHC at Rhenock and four PHCs  of Pakyong, Rangpo,Machong and Rongli.

In educational institutions  the proposed district will have two colleges namely Rhenock- Degree College and SMIT- Majitar along with 10 Senior secondary schools under the new district.

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