Opportunists have milked the SDF Government and now are selling the soul to SKM Government to milk it again: Chamling

Pawan Chamling Former Chief Minister of Sikkim and the President of the SDF party responded to allegations stating that  the SDF government did nothing in 25 years.

Further, in the press release he mentioned that “three kinds of people say that (1) the desperate SKM supporters who are distracting people’s attention from the utter failure of the SKM govt, (2) the opportunists who milked the SDF government and now want to sell their souls to the SKM govt so that they can milk it again or (3) the self-righteous self-proclaimed analysts who refuse to accept the good works of the SDF government”

Speaking about the achievement  Chaming mentioned that the extreme poverty level of the state decreased from 41 percent to 8 percent way back in 2011.

According to the World Bank, this was a record for the fastest poverty reduction in the world after World War II. Cuba achieved the second-fastest decrease of poverty. Sikkim’s extreme poverty was 8 percent in 2011, and I am sure, by 2019, it must have reduced to nearly 2 percent.

“The little-known Sikkim became a globally acclaimed tourist destination. Sikkim is now not only one of India’s best tourist destinations, but it was also recognized by Lonely Planet. The tourists’ footfall increased from 92,000 (domestic) and 6888(foreign) in 1994 to nearly 20 lakh (domestic) and 71,172 (foreign) in 2018. Rural tourism (home stays) in Sikkim have become a national example.” Added Chamling

“ Sikkim’s per capita income rose from ₹8457 to ₹ 3,41,000 which was the third highest in the country. Our GSDP increased from mere ₹377.43 lakh to ₹ 23000 crore. The GSDP grew 5159 times. In 2010-11, Sikkim recorded a GSDP growth of 26%. Sikkim’s internal Revenue generation increased from ₹42.72 crore to ₹1500.71 crore. Sikkim’s power production increased from a mere 32 MW to 2743 MW during our governance. Our literacy rate rose from 56.94% to 96.72% and life expectancy increased from 62.7 years to 73.15 years, which is the highest in India. There were 2 colleges in 1994, and now we have 28 colleges. The number of universities went from 0 to 7.” Added the statement

Furthermore, Chamling emphasized on Sikkim being only the organic state in the whole world. Sikkim won the Future Policy Gold Award.

Speaking on growth of industrial sector he mentioned “There were only a few industries till 1994 such as Temi Tea, Sikkim Distilleries, Yuksom Brewaries, SITCO and Sikkim Jewels. Now there are 56 pharmaceutical factories and 3 distilleries in Sikkim. What is more significant is that there are hundreds of agro-based entrepreneurial ventures like poultries, piggeries, fisheries, dairy farms as well as cottage industries of many kinds started by Sikkimese people with varying levels of success. Trout fishery in Sikkim has been a huge success.”

“We created an example of a green economy with several eco-friendly initiatives. Our forest cover increased by 4 percent. Sikkim is the only state to have achieved such a feat. Khangchendzonga National Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016.

It was during our time that we lobbied with the Centre and opened the Nathula pass for trade with China. Route to Kailash-Mansarovar from Sikkim opened in June 2015.”

Chamling lashed out on people alleygating SDF’s 25-year work called then Frustrated SKM supporters who have realized that since the SKM government failed to keep a single promise, the only way to score brownie points is by lying about the SDF government. It is like a cactus calling a marigold thorny. It is like a barren fox calling a milking cow unproductive.

“. Sikkim enjoyed win situation during 25 years under the SDF government. Peace, prosperity, security, happiness and freedom marked Sikkim. Everything changed since the last election. Sikkim is experiencing a nightmarish pariwartan/ change since 2019.” Claimed Chamling

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