Opinions: Who Will Bell The Cat?

As we can see the rise in Covid cases and the graph seems to be having upward scale and there is little chance of it coming down in a month or so and our education system had no option but to turn back to square one as of 2020.

Online Classes have taken the driving seat and the problem is grave this time around.
Like the rising fuel price, the online classes too seems to be having the effect of it as the public had due to rise in fuel prices.
I’m relating both of it here as the telecom industries are having the final laugh with the spike in their tarriff almost three fold.

The rise in fuel pricerise in daily cost of living and the people who suffer the most are Common people.
Though the common people have some relief as of now as price of fuels did decrease some what. But the rise in tarriff of mobile companies seems to be competing with Covid cases this time around.
Now regarding monthly recharge of different telecom industries which is hitting hard the common people with online classes on.
No one is there to address this part as we see that students are facing a double trouble with it.
They are now ‘caught between a devil and a deep sea’ with no respite as annual exam knocking on the door and after break they couldn’t be back in the school too.
Neither can they go out due to fear of Covid nor can they continue their classes through online mode as the mobile recharge is not everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s high time to give a thought on this part of problem too I feel. As a teacher, I can relate how the student might be feeling now and the situation out here in rural area is still grim with worst internet access and fluctuating power supplies.

The bigger question is who can and if anyone can then why can’t they impel the telecom industries to support the students rather than guzzling the people’s hard earn money.
The companies that started free service a few years ago are devouring people’s hard earn money and there is no one to rise the voice as we are the slave of the technology already and it’s been Embedded in our life big time. It’s more like a drug abuse and we have tough time coming out of it.The Covid and lockdown was just blessings for these telecom industries and they are competing with each other to extract and plunder as much as they want to and they are”Making Hay When The Sun Shine”.For them the hay is there in ‘SUN’ is shining high and handsome.

The ultimate one to suffer here are the common people and even within it are the poor students who are finding it hard to come to terms and this might lead to a gross drop out and many ill effects in coming days I feel. That’s why I feel someone must bell the Cat, But WHO and WHEN? is the the question and hope it’s not too Late where we have no chance to regret even.

By Shudarshan Khatuwara. He can be contacted at sidshady28@gmail.com

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