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Online lecture on “Folk Music” organized by Sikkim University: More than 100 students takes part

Online lecture on “Folk Music” and its different aspects was organized by Department of Music, Sikkim University. The convener of the  programme was  by Dr. Jayanta Kumar Barman, Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Sikkim University in presence of  all the faculty members : Dr. Krishnendu Dutta(HOD), Dr. Surendra Kumar, Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dr. Samidha Vedabala and more than 100 students from different states over the India and abroad  were joined in this online Lecture & Demonstration Programme along with the  musical session. About 1000 viewers  were joined the program through the social media.  The chief guest was Prof S. S. Mahapatra, Dean, of the School of Professional Studies, Sikkim University. The all speakers introduced by the  students of music department. They are Riya Roy, Shradha Suman and Sheela Nepal of MPA, and Passang Doma Lama of BPA.

There were four distinguished speakers delivered the lectures.  The first speaker was Prof Om Prakash Bharti who is a Social activist, Folklorist, Ethnomusicologist and dramaturge. National Culture Fellowship, Govt. of India. Authored 6 plays,  about  150  research  articles, &18 books. He has delivered lecture on folk music and theatrical, guided the students how to do research on music with the help of Govt. fund and also delivered lecture on therapeutical advantage of folk music as a music therapy.

The second speaker was Dr. Mannu Yadav, he is a renowned folk music artist from Uttar Pradesh. He is a versatile personality as he did degrees in different field other than music. He addressed the different singing styles of folk music in both theoretically and practically ways. Furthermore, he sang various folk song relatable to the journey of human life from birth to death. He described -“How folk music effects human mentality.”

The third  speaker was Dr. Mukesh  Vedprakash Agarwal, he is an Assistant Professor, Dr. D. Y Patil Vidyapith Global Business School & Research Centre, Pune. Ph.D. in Management Counselling, Advertising, Brand building, Digital Marketing, Leads Generation, Liaising & Coordination, New Initiatives. He has delivered various career option in music industry and how people can start their carrier as an entrepreneur. He discussed business start up procedure briefly.

The fourth speaker was Ashutosh Chandra Adhikary, he is working: Graphics Designer, South Korea. Worked: Embassy of Bangladesh, Seoul. He is awarded The Cultural diversity of Earthian Music Band -2014. Cultural Ministry of Korea. Best Arts, Culture & Sports-2016. He has delivered brief introduction about folk music and technical part which are used in music field. He talked about little software and hardware which people can use for music production easily at very low cost.

Convener Dr. Jayanta Kumar Barman says that, the program was done by four eminent experts successfully in deferent aspects of folk music and the lectures will be very beneficial for the ongoing regular students and the researchers for upcoming days. Dr. Barman also ensure that every participant will receive an honorary digital certificate for their participation.  

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