Nawin Kiran urges regional parties not to politicise the arrest of anti-371F protestor

Socio-political activist Navin Kiran Pradhan has urged all the regional parties to not politicize the arrest of the controversial 371F Bihari protester at Jantar Mantar, Delhi by Sikkim Police recently.

Addressing a presser here at Gangtok, Pradhan said “Article 371 F is a constitutional provision and it is the ‘heart of Sikkim’, and the recent controversial protest by a Bihar resident at Jantar Mantar should not be taken lightly. Respecting the Article 371F, politics should not be involved here.”

Furthermore, Pradhan congratulating Sikkim Police for arresting the protestor stated that punishment and arrest are two different things.

“Earlier, there have been cases where accused have been arrested but sooner or later, they have been released. Sikkim Police had named five individuals from Sikkim who were named by the accused for supporting the controversial protest at Jantar Mantar.” Saif Pradhan

“Will those names taken by the accused be corroborated? And if Sikkim Police have strong evidence, then will all the accused be punished? Those involved in the protest should be punished no matter which political party they are affiliated with. If the Police is need of a prosecutor witness then I volunteer to act as a witness,” he added.

Pradhan further stated that the ruling SKM party should start handling such matters in a mature way. He also urged both SKM and SDF to stop playing blame-game and further urged Sikkim Police to work independently.

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