Namthang declared as the new Sub division of Sikkim; calls this as a ‘biggest achievement’ : Minister Sanjit Kharel

The second day of the tenth assembly Sikkim Reorganisation of District Act 2022 was passed. The said bill includes the creation of Namthang as the newest Sub-Division under Namchi District likewise Revenue blocks of Swaya, Namok, Upper Mangshila, Lower Mangshila, Tingchim under Namok Revenue circle falling under Mangan District has been placed now under Kabi Sub Division.
The Bill was introduced by Kunga Nima Lepcha Minister for Land Revenue Department on August 22.

Speaking with Sikkim Chronicle, Minister Transport Sanjeet Kharel mentioned that the demand for creation of Namthang as a sub-division was 25 years old pending demand, “The demand to create sub division within the constituency was very old as the people were demanding for it since more than 25 years. I would like to thank Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang for his contribution in fulfilling the demand”

“Namthang Rataypani is one of the largest constituency when compared to other. Infact I think Namthang Rataypani should be divided in two constituency. There are total of 63 wards and 10 Gram panchayat GPUs exist and in regard to which sub-division was one of the longest pending demand of the people. This is a gift from CM Prem Singh Tamang to us residents of Namthang”

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Sanjit Kharel Minister cum area MLA

Minister Kharel further went on claiming that the former SDF government was reckless about the demand, “ If the former government wanted to give Sub division but they didn’t, but after the SKM party came into the state government within 3 years of our tenure we passed the bill and created Namthang as new Sub- Division.

On asking Minister Kharel on the upgradation and creation of infrastructure he said, “ We have 18-19 acres of land with Animal Husbandry Department and many other governmental land and we have thought that we will first go with the government land and off course it will take time but Namthang Rataypani will be a good constituency”

The Sikkim Re-organization of Districts Act, 2021 (Act no. 15 of 2021) was notified vide Gazette Notification No. 26/L&PAD/2021 dated 13.12.2021. In terms of the provisions of sub-section (3) of Section 1 and vide Notification No. 50/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS dated 20/12/2021, the said Act came into force on 21 December, 2021.

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