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More than 20 students of Sikkim at Ukraine: Sikkim CM Issues helpline number

Sikkim Chief Minister issues helpline number for Sikkimese citizens at Ukraine, in his social media handle he writes “Considering the current situation in Ukraine, I request the Sikkimese citizens studying or residing there to contact Shri Ratnamani Pradhan, Public Relations Officer (PRO), Chief Ministers’ Office, Gangtok on the following number (+91 97351 23333) or via mail ( “

“The State Government in coordination with the Centre Government will extend every support to bring them back home. Further, I appeal to all our citizens to spread this message and inform their friends and families who might be in Ukraine.” Reads the post

After Russia declared war against Ukranie, all major cities of Ukraine has turned into a warzone. People leaving their places seeking asylum and fleeing to other countries overnight.

Over 20 thousand Indian nationals are trapped in Ukraine left no where to go and amongst which more than 20 mostly students are of Sikkim.

Speaking to Sikkim Chronicle parents and students showed their concern towards their safety and urged the state government to support and provide some kind of medium of intervention and evacuation.

Ashta Chettri of West sikkim persuing her MBBS degree from Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv said, ” There is rush in the supermarket and panic amongst the students on how to back home. The Indian embassy issued forms two weeks ago and we have already submitted it and they are continuously issues new notices regarding the situation and they informed us to stay at hostels and assured that soon they will evacuate us to Poland”

“In my university along with me 2 are in first year, 01 in second year and 01 in fifth year and lots other in different universities” added Chettri

Another student from South Sikkim persuing her MBBS degree from Odessa National Medical University said, ” At first everything was normal but the blast of February 24 morning was unreal”

“We are staying together at same place motivating each other” added her statement

“My ward is studying in Kyiv University, she has been suggested to stay inside the hostel and the glossaries and foods are also running low, bank is closed, no cash in ATM, we are in worried about our ward” said Anuradha Gurung parent of one student

The worried parents of the students also informed that they will soon visit to Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang for help.

Likewise, on February 25 CM Prem Singh Tamang informed the Parents of students studying in Ukraine that, “As of yet, we have received details of 20 students currently stranded in Ukraine. We have contacted the Ministry of External Affairs and have provided the details. Indian Embassy in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia have been also contacted and are working towards coordinating an alternate route for evacuation. We are in constant touch with the students and taking feedback on their status.”

D R Thapa MLA Upper Burtuk also visits the Ministry of External Affairs on February 24 in which he was informed by the official that “All the students were safe and are being monitored by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine. The ministry has established a Ukraine Emergency Help Line to facilitate the travel of around 20,000 Indians stuck in Ukraine among which 18,000 are students”

Meanwhile, the Stuck students from all over the country are waiting for help and evacuation from the Indian embassy. In the recent development, Embassy of Budapest Issued one notification stating that the Indian embassy is planing evacuation route from Romania and Hungary.

“Government of India and embassy or India are working to establish evacuation roots from Romania and Hungary. At present teams are getting in place at CHOP-ZAHONY Hungarian border near Uzhhorod and PORUBNE-SIRET Romanian border near Chernivtsi” reads the notification
The Budapest embassy requested Indian nationals especially students closest toCHOP-ZAHONY Hungarian border near Uzhhorod and PORUBNE-SIRET Romanian border near Chernivtsi to depart toward the border on a organised manner, in coordination with the Ministry of External affairs to actualise the option.

Furthermore the embassy requested Indian nationals to carry passport, cash in USD and print the Indian flag and paste it in the vechiles and busses while travelling.

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