MLA DT LEPCHA raises Limboo Tamang issue in SLA : LTVC 

Press Release

LTVC expresses gratitude to the Hon’ble MLA Shri. Dorjee Tshering Lepcha for raising LIMBOO-TAMANG SEAT RESERVATION ISSUE while participating in the second day budget session dicussion on 15/06/21 in the SLA when leaders of the same  community stayed mum during the discussion with regard to the same.
It is very disappointing that elected representatives of our own community like the HCM PS GOLEY himself, Mr BHIM HANG SUBBA and Mr ADITYA GOLEY haven’t uttered a single word on LT seat issue since 2019 in the assembly and have failed in fulfilling their responsibilities as it is their duty to be the voice of Limboo – Tamang community and their aspirations. 
In the assembly, Shri DT Lepcha questioned the SKM government on their seat reservation formula for LT seat reservation and also reminded them of the election manifesto promising LT seat reservation within 10 days. On the other hand, the statement given by the Chief Minister on the subject stating that the government has been in constant touch with the union ministry for considering this long pending demand is absolutely misleading and vague.
As per RTI reply received by LTVC President Yehang Tshong  from Ministry of Home Affairs dated 22/01/21 vide. F. No.11012/06/2001-NE-VI where it has been mentioned that no new formula or proposal has been sent to Ministry of Home Affairs by New SKM govt pertaining to LT  seat reservation solution in SLA which itself is a  clear answer to the CM’s false claim and reflects the current government’s ignorance with regard to LT seat issue.
Until SKM govt doesn’t pass a bill in  SLA for LT seat solution with formula and propose it at centre, LT seat reservation will remain a dream.
LTVC would like to remind SKM govt that during  opposition their own SKM MLAs and leaders always demanded LT seat solution from 32 to previous SDF govt and also brought a Private No resolution in SLA for LT seat reservation from 32. This is a known fact that they had supported the issue, which is known to all.
SKM’s cold approach towards LT seat solution has deeply hurt LT communities. 
LTVC  would request SKM govt  to honor their pre-poll election  and manifesto promise given to LT communities of Sikkim and resolve LT seat reservation issue at the earliest. 

Publicity Secretary,
Deepak Tamang,

SC Bureau

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