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Man murders wife over suspicion of ‘illicit relationship’: husband arrested, body still missing

Siliguri: Mohammed Ansarul of Siliguri was arrested by Siliguri police on charges of murdering his wife Renuka Khatoon.

As per local media reports, the husband on suspicion of his wife having an illicit relationship murdered her, dismembered the body and threw it into the Mahananda river.

Wife, Renuka Khatoon was reported missing for several days leading to her relatives filing missing persons report in the last week of December.

Acting upon the missing report, police then started their investigation, while taking statement from Renuka’s husband, where he allegedly kept on changing his statement. When the Siliguri police strictly interrogated him, he finally broke down and went on admitting the crime.

Siliguri police has arrested the accused, search for the body and further investigation is underway.

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