Love for her Dronacharya Sandhya Gurung brings Lovlina to Sikkim

Olympic bronze medallist Lovilina Borgohain visits Sikkim to meet and congratulate  her coach Sandhya Gurung who will be conferred with Dronacharya award 2021. Boxing coach Sandhya Gurung becomes the first from the state of Sikkim to be conferred with the Droncacharya Award and her disciple  Lovelina with Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award.

The Olymphic medalist Lovilina along with her Dronacharya met Ganga Prasad Governor  and Prem Singh Tamang, Chief minister of Sikkim, further after the meet concluded Prem Singh Tamang announced to support some of  Rs 10 lakhs to Lovelina and Rs 5 lakhs to Sandhya Gurung

Lovelina Borgohain yesterday interacted with the player at white hall in which she stated that, “You all should feel blessed to have a coach as good as Sandhya who has now grown in stature with the Dronacharya Award being conferred upon her. She was always strict on discipline and along with her call for determination and dedication, as she refers as 3Ds, her Guru Mantra to me, I am sure all of you can go on to play Nationals and International tournaments in the future. Fitness is one other key in sports, which she always tried to inculcate in me, but seeing Sikkim’s terrain and altitude, I don’t think that players and sports enthusiasts here need much to do about fitness, as the workout here happens with the steep climb in the mountains naturally”.

Lovelina on her Coach being conferred with award said,“ I was here to meet Coach Sandhya, and I am happier for her than for myself.”

Coach Sandhya Gurung, in her address to the media on being short-listed, said, “, There is no comparison to the happiness I feel for the respect. My student (Lovelina), she told in front of everyone present here, how she feels about me. Today I feel proud of myself that I have done a good work. Choosing the field and to be a success in teaching, I am immensely grateful to all those that have supported me. Be it the government or the public or the players, elders and youngsters”.

She further added, “From being a player to reaching here today, when I was a player, my family supported me, my husband has been my constant support. Now, when people in Sikkim are showering their respect upon me, I feel I really have become a Guru”.

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