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A joint meeting of registered associations of Limboo and Tamang communities, students, concerned individuals was convened at Yakthung Him (Limboo Bhawan), DPH Road, Gangtok.

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of President, Sukhim Yakthung Sapsok Songchumbho C. S. Limboo.

A discussion was based on the reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang communities in the impending Panchayat Election, 2022.

After a thorough discussion it was decided to collectively pursue the matter with the Election Department and unanimously three resolutions were passed.

  1. The forum would wait for the reply of State Election Commission, Sikkim on collective representation made by SYSS and STBA from.
  2. Shall make a joint representation to the Government on the matter.
  3. To Approach the Court of Law as a last resort if the issues get unsolved.

Inter alia, the house also expressed its anguish over its substantive error made by the State Election Commission, Sikkim in the matter of drawing roster and reservation of ST seats in the impending Panchayat Election, 2022.

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