IPF Smart Policing Index 2021: Sikkim ranks 5th among all states and UTs

Sikkim police top five among the Indian states and union territories in the list of Smart Policing Index 2021 released by the Indian Police Foundation.

The SMART Policing idea was introduced by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at the Conference of DGPs of State and Central Police Organizations, held at Guwahati, in the year 2014.

The survey envisaged systemic changes to transform the Indian Police to be: Strict and Sensitive, Modern and Mobile, Alert and Accountable, Reliable and Responsive, Techno-savvy and Trained

The purpose of the IPF survey was to gather information on citizens’ perceptions about the impact of the SMART policing initiative

As per the IPF 2021 survey report, Sikkim stands on fifth with 7.18 points overall.

The report for the year 2021 was released by the Indian Police Foundation on November 18. The survey had a total sample size of 1,61,192 wherein 64 percent of the responses were received online and 36 percent were gathered through telephonic interviews, and other paper-based data gathering methods.

The survey was categorized into 3 categories namely Indicators for Competence-Based Dimensions of Smart Policing, Indicators for Values-Based Dimensions of Smart Policing, and Perception Indices of Accountability and Public Trust, and the SMART Scores were set on a scale of 1 to 10on indicative of the levels of citizen satisfaction, a score of 10 being the highest level of satisfaction.

As per the IPF Smart Policing Index 2021, Andhra Pradesh (8.11) took the first spot followed by Telangana (8.10), Assam (7.89), Kerala (7.53), and Sikkim (7.18)

Similarly, on the other hand, the five states that featured at the bottom of the list were Punjab (6.07), Jharkhand (6.07), Chhattisgarh (5.93), Uttar Pradesh (5.81), and Bihar (5.74).

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