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India to vaccinate kids between 15-18 age group starting January 2022; PM Modi

While addressing the nation on December 25, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that “India will commence vaccination drive for teenagers between the ages of 15 to 18 starting from January 3, 2022.”

“Healthcare, frontline workers and citizens above the age of 60 years with symptomatology will also be allotted the booster dose ‘precaution dose’ on a recommendation from the Doctors starting from January 10, 2022”. He added.

Despite the fact, that the emergence of omicron variant and the Unforeseen gush in the tally of COVID 19 cases, the probability of the third COVID wave is becoming a matter of concern

In a recent study, a 15 year old from Bengaluru who’d came from United States on December 20, tested positive for omicron, except for him rest of them were fully vaccinated.

The cases of the omicron variant started surging now in full of pace, experts consider that the omicron variant, can become a dominant strain very soon as it’s being highly transmissible. As we being aware of the fact , everyone should and must be prepared to get to grips to handle and control the situation in future.

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