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“I am a member of Bharatiya Janta Party since 2019” : Tseten Tashi Bhutia

Bhutia revealed his affiliations to any political party for the first time in an interview.

He further revealed that he has been a primary member of BJP since 2019. “I love the Bhutia, Lepcha, SC, Nepali and Tsong communities of Sikkim. To protect Article 371F, we need the blessings of the central government,” he said.

Furthermore, on asking by Himal World to Bhutia on whether he is a RSS cadre or not he said, “I have not attended any camps of RSS but i have sat for many classes and listened to Mohan Bhagwat. I am not an RSS cadre, i am more than it”

Tsten Tashi Bhutia was also recently nominated as member of Panel of Community Leaders of the NCM in States for advising the Commission on respective Minority community issue in his/her State.

Bhutia’s announcement may create a stir in the political circles of Sikkim, with many speculating about his future political moves. As a prominent social activist and a leader of the Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee, Bhutia’s decision to have joined BJP may have significant implications for the upcoming assembly elections in Sikkim.

The news of Bhutia’s membership has generated widespread interest and speculation, with many wondering if other prominent leaders in Sikkim will follow suit. With the assembly elections just around the corner, the political landscape of Sikkim is set for an interesting and exciting phase.

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