HSP: We strongly condemn the physical attack on a student named  Arun Limboo and his family members in broad daylight, allegedly by the people from the SKM party. 

Press Release 

Hamro Sikkim Party strongly condemns the physical attack on a student named Mr. Arun Limboo and his family members in broad daylight, allegedly by the people from the SKM party. 

The SKM government is power drunk, and the intoxication seems to have crossed their heads. The only way they know to solve all the problems of the state now is by silencing the dissenting voices by using Violence. This is posing a grave danger to the state and the people. 

The current scenario of Sikkim is highly concerning. In the midst of the pandemic, we see students and teachers being compelled to come on the roads, putting their lives at risk just to meet the public representatives to put their grievances forth. The Government is largely functioning on the whims and fancies of a few, where rules are bent and distorted just to fulfil their larger political agenda. 

The legal machineries are being used by the government to suppress fundamental freedoms of citizens. The faith in the justice delivery system is crumbling. 

Dissent is the essence of democracy, and it is strengthened by the plurality of opinions and the freedom to express them without fear. Now, questioning the government and fighting for the right has become an offence. 

HSP states that it is a dark day in the democratic history of Sikkim when  “Violence to Silence”  the voices of dissent is a new normal in the State. 

HSP strongly demands that the culprits behind this ghastly attack be identified immediately and punished as per law, as well as to find out whether this was a politically motivated incident with more sinister objectives. HSP also demands the justice for the Gyalshing college students and the Ad hoc teachers who have been fighting for their rights. 

Dr Bina Basnett 

President (HSP)

SC Desk

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