HSP express dissatisfaction and delay in justice of Namchi effigy burning case

HSP is changing the colour of the display picture to white in all of our social media handles for two days (Saturday , Sunday) to express dissatisfaction with the administration and the government in delaying to give justice to the incident that occurred in Namchi on 9.06.2021.

It is also a form of peaceful digital protest to condemn effigy burning culture. 
We believe that in a civilized society there should not be any room for these kinds of protests. We as humans and as a society should walk towards collective evolution of consciousness. Creating a society whose conscience is so clear that it opposes any occurrences which are not healthy for the society as a whole. Constitution might have given us the right to choose these form of protests but we as humans should pick the form which our conscience allows. 

We would urge people who believe in a just society where everyone is equal before law also to join us in our peaceful protest demanding justice keeping all other differences aside. 

Dr Bina Basnett 
President, HSP .

SC Desk

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