HSP condemns language used by Minister Sonam Lama during a public address

Dated: 12/11/2021


The Hamro Sikkim Party strongly condemns the language used by the Minister Shri Sonam Kaleon, in his recent address to the general public recently.

Such language in general, and especially in public life, is an affront to the chair he sits on and especially so to the seat of Sangha from which he has been elected.The party would like to remind the minister that he has been elected from the Sangha seat, which is a holy and auspicious seat as well as one of the last inheritances to our younger generation regarding the history of Sikkim.

It has also been a system which has given Sikkim its unique identity, and has been defended by the Hon’ble supreme court in more than one case thereby cementing the existence of article 371f in the constitution of India.By using such language, the Minister has not only damaged the reputation of the Sikkimese people and article 371f, he has also let down the Monks of Sikkim who look upon him for leadership.

The party would further advice, that if the Minister is so fanciful of politics that he has forgotten his sacred vows, then he is most welcome to stand from any other seat but that of the Sangha.

Biraj Adhikari,


SC Desk

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