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House catches on fire, burnt down at Mendo Gaon, Soreng; no casualties

A house at Mendo Gaon, Borbotay GPU under Soreng-Chakhung Constituency in Soreng District caught fire and was totally burnt in the night hours of January 3.

According to social media reports that came in at around 11:15 PM on January 3, the house belonged to one Bal Kumar Gurung of Mendo Gaon.

Sikkim Chronicle reached out to the police and spoke with SHO, PI Ugen Tshering Bhutia who gave a brief on the situation. According to police, the house was a semi-pucca (pakka) house and caught fire most probably due to a short circuit but the cause will be determined only after a thorough assessment, informed the SHO.

It was also informed that the house was totally burned down, claiming or damaging utensils, articles and other household items but fortunately there were no casualties or grievous injuries caused by the fire.

Police are assessing the scene and are determining what caused the fire, which will be brought to light only after the investigation is completed.

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