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Hamro Party no longer in control of Darjeeling municipality: BGPM to form new executive

The Darjeeling municipality saw a major switch, after the floor test held on December 28. GTA Chief Anit Thapa’s BGPM, with the support of TMC took charge after overthrowing Hamro Party’s rule over Darjeeling Municipality.

Earlier, during the Darjeeling municipality elections, Ajoy Edward’s Hamro Party had won 18 seats, BJPM 9 seats, TMC 2 and GJM 3 in the Darjeeling Municipality.

Later, Amar Lama of the BGPM resigned from Councillorship.

Likewise, 6 Councillors had defected from Hamro Party to BGPM with the HP-GJM alliance now having 15 seats and BJPM-Trinamool Congress (TMC) combined 15.

After the floor test, BGPM declared Dipen Thakur as the next chairman of the Darjeeling Municipality, and said it will form the new board soon.

Speaking with national daily BGPM Chief Anit Thapa on the floor test said, “This is a victory of practical politics in the Hills. People want development and are tired of strikes and protests in the name of Gorkhaland. People chose us in the GTA polls. Now Hamro councillors have joined us. Today is a happy day for the people of the Hills,”

“In a democratic system, anyone can join us. Those who have joined us are for development. Losers will always say anything. From 1986 to 2017, there was turmoil in the Hills in the name of Gorkhaland. I was there too. Then I realised that the protests are useless. Our party was floated in 2021 and we won the GTA polls. We sat with the state government and now want to usher in development. Peace prevails in the Hills and in this tourist season hotels are booked to capacity. This is what the people want.” added his statement.

Likewise, addressing the local media , Ajoy Edwards, Hamro Party Chief said, “The entire proceeding is illegal, and that is why we abstained. We will approach the court. The people in the Hills are seeing what is happening, how money power is being used to cause defections.”

Ahead of the trust vote, Edwards had announced a month-long ‘Gorkha Swabhiman Sangharsha’ in Darjeeling, calling it a movement to “restore democracy in the Hills”. GJM chief Bimal Gurung and TMC leader Binoy Tamang were present at the rally, and resolved to work with Edwards against “violation of democracy in the Hills” at common forums.

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