“Gangtok Smart City Development Ltd working as puppet ignoring sentiments of Sikkimese people”: SNS

Press Release

It is unfortunate that Gangtok Smart City Development Limited is working as a puppet of private contractors and private companies ignoring the sentiments of Sikkimese people. It is a well known fact that the Ministry of Urban and Housing Affairs, Government of India has already taken cognizance of the irregularities on the various ongoing PPP projects and has directed the Urban Development Department and Gangtok Smart City Limited to submit its report at earliest.

However, ignoring both the directives of Union Ministry and the Sentiments of Sikkimese people, Gangtok Smart City Development Limited is functioning at the will and fancy of private players whose prime motive is just to make quick money.To add insult to the injury, Gangtok Smart City Development Limited has decided to remove 100 year old Banyan tree. The said tree is considered as dev tree. It is believed that Lord Brahma, Shrihari and Lord Shiva reside in the Banyan tree.

The Banyan tree is worshipped for its longevity, strength and spiritual importance, they are also of paramount importance to the environment.

Taking cognizance of the decision to remove heritage and religiously significant Banyan Tree from Old STNM Hospital Complex by Gangtok Smart City Development Limited, Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj has lodged and FIR with Sadar Police Station to immediately stop the removal of religiously and environmentally significant tree.

IMG 20211205 WA0031 Sikkim Breaking News | Trending News

IMG 20211205 WA0032 Sikkim Breaking News | Trending News

(The copy of the FIR is forwarded to Conservator of Forest (T), Secretary, Urban Development Department and CEO, Gangtok Smart City Development Limited).

Sonam Gyatso Sherpa

State Coordinator

Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj

SC Desk

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