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“Foreigners already in India for more than 10 days on production of Neg RTPCR allowed to enter Sikkim”: Sikkim Government

With once again mankind being vulnerable to the Omicron Varient and 21 recorded cases in India so far, Sikkim state government took an early precaution to tackle the New Varient Omicron.

On December 1 Sikkim government issued a notification which had put ban on foreigners entry into the state including travellers from Nepal and Bhutan and today state government modified the notification which stated that foreigners living in India for more than 10 days on production of Negetive RTPCR report will be permitted to enter the state.

As per the issued notification, “All foreigners including from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh who are already in India for more than 10 days and are travelling to sikkim will be permitted to enter the state in production of Negetive RTPCR test conducted within 72 hours of their entry in sikkim”

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The notification issued by Department of Home, Government of Sikkim on December 7.

So far 21 cases of the new varient has been detected in India, Maharashtra with 8 cases, Karnataka with 2, Delhi with 1, Gujarat with 1 and Rajasthan with 9.

In terms of presence of Omicron in neighbouring countries of india, Nepal so far has detected 2 cases and no cases has been detected at Bhutan, Bhangldesh and Sri Lanka till date.

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