Communal clash in Bagalkot district, Karnataka over social media post

SC DESK: Kerur town in Badami taluk, Bagalkot district, Karnataka witnessed a group clash on Wednesday night, where four men were heavily injured and vehicles were torched by enraged mobs.

Arun Kattimani, Lakshman Kattimani, Chungi Yamanur and Bande Nawaz Gokak are said to be hospitalised and are out of danger.

According to the reports, the fight erupted over a social media post made by a doctor. The post was critical towards former BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, who recently made derogatory statement against Prophet Mohammad.

The local police did not register an FIR, despite filing complaints against the doctor by the members of the right-wingers. This angered the people, which led to a communal outburst in the market of Kerur.

“My son Arun was the district secretary of a Hindutva organisation. He would often go to police stations and other offices to resolve disputes and protect young boys who were being falsely accused of a crime” said Ramanna Kattimani, insinuating that this was done to stop the rise of Hindutva forces in Kerur.

The situation is said to be tamed by the police and arrests from both the communities have been made to maintain law and order in the vicinity.

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