Amid G20 meets scheduled in Sikkim, CM says Pakyong flight ops likely to resume

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang, in an address at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Chupcha Choling Duchi Gurung Gumpa, at Parakha, Pakyong district, said that flight services of Spicejet Airlines will resume from early spring 2023.

In his address on Tuesday, he informed that Pakyong Airport will resume Spicejet flights from May this year. He also informed that he has written to the PM, Narendra Modi, DGCA, and Civil Aviation Ministry pertaining to the flight resumption.

The requisite for the letters and his announcement was informed to be the two G20 meetings scheduled to be held in Sikkim mid-March.

CM said, “The flight operations are likely to resume at the earliest, since our state of Sikkim has two sittings of G20 meetings in mid-March.”

He added, “Given this, charter or passenger flight operations is a must.”

CM also said that as there are no provision of flight services from Sikkim to Assam and the same from Bagdogra, an “amicable solution” is being discussed to rectify the situation. The discussions are being held with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, he informed.

Since the discontinuation of flight operations by Spicejet,the sole airline operating its flights in Pakyong, the announcement was regarded with highest of hopes.

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