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Chewang Tashi, an eSports athlete from Sikkim joins NBD eSports as sponsored game streamer

Chewang Tashi, an Engineering student from Rongay, Gangtok is fulfilling to become the first ever Sikkimese to become a professional sponsored game streamer, content creator and eSports athlete. 

The Indian esports scene is booming gradually and never would anyone think about a Sikkimese to explore the arena. Despite, one can see many Sikkimese playing many online games with much vigour and enthusiasm but less would have assumed anyone from the Himalayan state to pursue it professionally and generate a good revenue.

Chewang is currently signed by Esports Team Never Back Down (NBD) and has been sponsored by the Indian live streaming platform ‘Rooter’. He signed the contract in the month of September 2021.

Sharing his remarkable story, He says “I have been a passionate gamer, especially since my school days where I would be dying to go to pubs to play Dota 2 with my friends. Most of them lost interest along the way, quit completely or only played it casually. As for me, I became heavily interested and practically obsessed with it. I started to play games more seriously and over time started to play competitively. I would literally study the game”.

Chewang mainly plays  Dota 2 and Apex Legends and owns an experience of playing Dota 2 for almost 8000+ hours for the last 9 years and Apex Legends for almost 1000+ hours for the last 2 years. He currently streams his games online daily on Rooter for 3 hours, i.e. 21 hours per week. His games are also simultaneously streamed on other platforms like Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.

Speaking on the his association with NBD eSports and Rooter, he informed that he had registered for the NBD clan while they were recruiting good players for sponsorship. Later, he was contacted by the admin and was asked to sign a contract considering his remarkable total game time and rank achieved in  Dota 2 and Apex Legends. In his first month of the contract he streamed content providing ‘tips and tricks’ and sharing game knowledge which led to greater viewer engagement,  added Chewang.

He currently owns a moderate number of followers on Rooter and looks forward to grow more and reach a pinnacle to generate a good revenue of more then Rs. 50,000 per month. 

Chewang considers these games to be mentally challenging and draining game that demands for quick reaction, critical thinking and teamwork along with mechanical skills needed to succeed, he adds. Despite all odds and challenges his daily routine includes sitting on his fairly decent PC Setup with a good CPU to handle the intense game and streaming it live on Rooter and other streaming platforms. 

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