Bhaichung meets 4 expelled students of SGC Gyalsing: Demands CM P S Tamang to Apologise students their families

Today i contributed a small token amount to our four students (Pravin Upreti, Praveen Basnett, Loknath Chettri , Nakul Sharma) who were expelled by the Government of Sikkim from their college for demanding better infrastructure in their college. i will further support in coming days until they get justice.
This SKM led govt is acting in a dictatoral manner by denying them their basic Right to Education. They even went to the extent of calling them anti-nationals just because they showed solidarity with the farmers on their protest. I urge the Hon. CM Mr P S Golay and his Govt to apologise to these students for trying to destroy theirs and their families lives in every possible way. when the PM Mr Modi can apologise, why cant the CM and SKM Govt also do the same? I also urge the government to compensate the students and their families financially for the distress caused to them.
As a citizen of Sikkim and India, I feel ashamed by this kind of action towards poor students who only demanded better classrooms in their college.
All right thinking Sikkimese people must come forward and support them in their endeavour for justice.

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