Annual General Meeting of Sikkim State Karate Do Association held on December 5

The Annual General Meeting of Sikkim State Karate Do Association was held on December 5, 2021, in hotel Retreat Gangtok.

Agenda of Meeting were

Annual Account Report

Discuss Regarding Administration of SSKA.

Discuss Regarding State /Zonal/ National Activities.

Discuss about logo change of SSKA.

Meeting was held in The presence of –
SSKA President -Bijoy Gurung
G.Secretary -Bidhan ballab Subba
working President -Bhim Bhadur Subba , and other Members of Sikkim State Karate Do Association.

In Meeting Board it has decided to conduct state championship on upcoming year and also decided to uplift the karate sports in Sikkim.Board has also decided to change the logo of SSKA. Board decided to give training camp for instructors (Coach) from Shihan Bidhan ballab Subba.

Published by Binam Gurung (Publicity Secretary).

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