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Annapurna Alley, SCS elected as Secretary Finance of All India Federation of State Civil/Administrative Services

Annapurna Alley, SCS is elected as Secretary of Finance of the All India Federation of State Civil/Administrative Services. Alley is a part of the new executive body of the federation, which was elected on March 26, 2023, in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Annapurna Alley, SCS is currently serving as Special Secretary under State Agriculture Department  

The election process was carried out through a series of meetings, where names of candidates were proposed and seconded by representatives of the State Associations. The names finally nominated were then proposed by one state chosen by the outgoing committee, which was unanimously accepted by all the members present. This process led to the election of Gaurav Bajad as President, Ravi M Tirlapur as Secretary General, and Annapurna Alley as Secretary of Finance of AIF.

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The 16th National Convention of All India Federation of State Civil/Administrative Services was held in Jaipur from March 24 to 26, 2023. The Rajasthan Administrative Service Association hosted the convention, which was attended by representatives from various state associations, including the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association.

The newly elected AIF committee was elected after a 15-year gap, and the outgoing executive committee handed over charge to the newly elected body. Further, in the process, six regional heads were also nominated by AIF.

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