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An open letter to HCM and Education Department, Govt. Of Sikkim

Hon’ble CM Sir
Hon’ble Education Minister
Education Department
Government of Sikkim

Date : 25 June 2021

Subject : Requesting for extension of adhoc teachers interviewed and  appionted in 2020.

                   We, the adhoc teachers (appointed on merit basis after walk-in-interview) would like to lay down following prayers for your kind consideration please.

That, we have come to know from various sources and also from the meeting minute chaired by HCM; dated 07/06/2020 that the department is planning to conduct an interview not only for new appointments but also for us i.e. those who are serving in different schools since October 2020. 
Sir, the news of re-interview came like a bolt from the blue for us as we were least expecting it to happen. On one hand , teachers who never sat for any interview got their service extended till March 2022, on the other, those who were appointed after having interview infront of 7-8 experts, they will again have to sit for an interview. This we believe is an injustice towards us. It is also hereby informed to Govt. That there are teachers who are working on adhoc basis and also getting their B.ed degrees from outside universities simultaneously, which is illegal , against NCTE norms. If they are given extension without any second thought, why are we getting terminated / why should we sit for an interview again and again?
Sir, we know at this time the entire world is facing deadly effects of Covid-19 which has not only affected people’s Physical health but it has deadly affected mental health .Can you imagine loosing you only source of income / getting terminated from your hard earned job at this time? 

Sir, we fulfill all the criterias required, we were selected on merit basis in an interview, we served sincerely and dedicatedly, but at the end we are getting terminated? How many times do we have have to face this type of hardships ? There are employees in other departments also who work on adhoc basis, but they never face this kind of troubles ever. Why teachers only? Actually, we have become the subject of mockery among people, and the irony is we are in a profession which is considered to be the noblest of all. 

Therefore sir, in the light of above difficulties, we would like to request you to  kindly cancel the idea of re-interview and  extend our terms at par with others. We assure you that we shall work with utmost dedication and sincerity and serve selflessly for the betterment of entire department.

Thanking you sir,

Adhoc Teachers
(Appointed in 2029 via interview).

SC Desk

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