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400 stranded tourists rescued after heavy snowfall at Tsomgo



On 11 March afternoon, there was heavy snowfall in Sikkim and approximately 100 vehicles with about 400 tourists returning from Natu La & Tsomgo (Changgu) Lake got stranded. Troops of Trishakti Corps in collaboration with Civil Police and Civil Administration immediately came into action and launched rescue mission OPERATION HIMRAHAT.

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The relief operations continued through late night on 11 March. The tourists were moved to safe areas & provided shelter, warm clothing, medical aid and hot meals. The troops arranged accommodation for the stay of 360 tourists including 178 males, 142 women and 50 children. Detailed coordination was done with GREF for road opening in the morning.

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On 12 March morning, the road opening was taken up with assistance of GREF dozers. By 9 AM, the road was cleared to enable move of the vehicles to Gangtok. The quick reaction by the troops provided relief and comfort to the stranded tourists under inclement weather conditions and ensured early clearance of road to enable move of vehicles to Gangtok.

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The stranded Tourists & Civil Administration of Sikkim expressed their deep gratitude for the immediate relief provided by the Army.

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Indian Army while guarding the border in Super High-Altitude areas of the Himalayas, are always proactive in providing assistance to tourists and local population.

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