26 year old booked under POSCO Act for sexually abusing minor in North Sikkim

One Ashish Adivasi (26) permanent resident of Methli Nageyswari, Alipurdwar, West Bengal Currently residing at North Sikkim been taken into police custody for sexually abusing one minor in North Sikkim.

According to the police report,” A written FIR was received on February 18, at around 1100 hours stating that a girl child of 17 years who was staying with her paternal uncle at North Sikkim, was produced before Child Welfare Committee North, for counselling by the Ward Panchayat of the locality. During counselling, the victim revealed that she used to go to the residence of Ashish Adivasi aged 26, who stayed in one of the rented rooms at the house of their owner at night after her uncle and aunt fall asleep. It was informed that the complainant, under the produced grounds, wanted necessary legal action taken against the accused.”

Furthermore, After conducting the medical examination of the victim at the appointed District Hospital and after thorough inspecting the location of the alleged crime (taking photographs, drawing a rough sketch map, examining acquainted witnesses) the accused has been taken into police custody.

In the process, the accused Ashish Adivasi has been taken into police custody and booked Under Section 6 of POCSO ACT 2012.

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