24 year old female forcefully molested at knifepoint in Gangtok

According to a police report from Thursday, October 20, a 24-year-old was raped at knifepoint by one Ruben Rai, 23 years of age.

The report said that a written FIR from the female 24 yrs residing in Gangtok was filed, mentioning that “on 19/10/2022 at around 01:30 AM, her friend’s boyfriend named Ruben Rai, 23 yrs from South Sikkim and currently at Gangtok had forcefully entered into her room in an intoxicated state and told the complainant that he had broke up with his girlfriend (complainant’s friend) and all of a sudden he got aggressive and grabbed her from behind placing a piece of broken beer bottle on her neck.

The report further said: “Thereafter, the alleged person asked the complainant to be his girlfriend and when she denied the same, he started beating her with blows and kicks pointing a knife at her, when she tried to escape and scream for help the alleged person covered her mouth with a cloth and pushed on the floor and told her to get naked as such out of fear she did as he wished for.”

“Thereafter, the alleged person forcefully raped her and even threatened to kill her and he also forcefully confined throughout the night by means of locking the door of the room.”

The culprit was arrested by the police and is now in custody awaiting further investigation and trial.

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