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2158 vehicles checked and verified, 160 penalized in just 2 days

Gangtok, January 08: “The main aim and objective of the three-month-long awareness cum enforcement drive is to sensitize road users regarding various road safety measures and about the various rules and regulation for road users,” said Raju Basnett, the Secretary, Transport Department, Government of Sikkim.

He further said that the 3-month long awareness drive has been well received by the road users and the general public at large. He said that the department is receiving appreciation from all sect of road users and there has been no objection made till date he added.

This drive is actually not regarding the enforcement of the newly implemented central motor vehicle act but the department aims to sensitize people in regard to various aspect of road safety.

It may be mentioned here that the Department of Transport, Government of Sikkim in collaboration of Sikkim Police had launched a three months long awareness drive cum enforcement drive which kick-started from Monday.

A total of 723 vehicles where checked and verified on the first day of the drive out of which 70 vehicles were penalized for violating various rules and for not having up to date necessary documents. Similarly, on the second day that is on Tuesday, a total of 1435 vehicles were checked and verified, of which 90 were penalized.

So if we look at the total number of vehicles checked during the last two days it goes to 2158 vehicles were checked and verified and 160 are penalized.

The enforcement agency has been penalizing the road users with the new amended rate of fines that have been recently extended to the state of Sikkim.

It may be mentioned here that the Transport Department has recently implemented the new Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 in Sikkim. It is implemented from December 4, last year.

The drive was launched simultaneously in all four districts of Sikkim with a total o 7 checking points in different places throughout the state, with Gangtok having one checking point on the first day and two in the second day,i.e on Tuesday, at Convoy Ground, Tadong and Zero Point Gangtok.

The Transport Department in coordination with the Police Department, Government of Sikkim are organizing a three-month-long Road Safety Drive cum Enforcement Drive, which started January 6th, statewide. The checking is being undertaken at various locations in all four districts, simultaneously.

The Department has devised a proper checking system by incorporating e-Challan app powered by NIC in mobile phone, stickers are be issued to each vehicle once checked so same vehicle is not stopped again. Stickers will also be issued from Motor Vehicle Offices to those Vehicles who come and get their documents verified so that they don’t get stopped on the road except for doubt of overloading, drunken or drugged driving etc.

During the drive, the transport department also intends to check all government vehicles including that of the enforcement agencies. During the sensitization drive, people from all section of life are being educated and awareness is being spread. The Drive will end on March 31, 2020.

It may be mentioned here that the Ceasefire is not mandatory for Private Vehicles but it is mandatory for all Taxis and other transport vehicles as informed by the Secretary, Transport Department, Government of Sikkim.

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