“We will announce a new party in Sikkim on Jan 26”: Ganesh Rai

Ganesh Rai, President, Reform Call, addressing a press conference at Gangtok on January 20 said that they are to announce formation of a new party on Republic Day 2023.

“We are going to announce a new political party in Sikkim on January 26,” Rai said, addressing the presser.

The Reform Call president had announced his resignation from SDF party during the early winters of last year and had hinted at formation of a new party in the end of the same year, i.e., 2022.

Rai had been hinting at the formation of the new party, however obscuring the answers to the question of when and with whom.

His political movement and activities candidly showcased his zeal in the formation of a new party, but at the same time the obfuscation in his answers to the same question in pressers and interviews never helped the cause. Veiling the exact dates and timelines to people, media personnel, politicians, and activists from all wakes of the society who were monitoring his movements.

“A total of 999 leaders will gather on January 26 and form a new political party” Rai declared, finally settling the date. “January 26 will also mark the end of our Sikkim Sudhar Sankalpa Yatra” he added.

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