SPL: Singling Sporting and Red Panda share spoils drawing 2-2

Namchi, 11th February, 2023: The third match of Sikkim Premier League – Together for Sikkim football, was held between Red Panda FC versus Singling Sporting Club in Namchi Bhaichung Stadium today. The first goal was made by Red Panda FC in penalty shoot and the second goal was made by Singling Sporting Club, also in a penalty shoot, before the half time of the match. The second goal was also made by Singling Sporting Club during the second half of the match, followed by the second goal by Red Panda FC. The third match of Sikkim Premier League was resulted in tie, with two goals each.

It is worth mentioning that, it was the first match for Singling Sporting Club in Sikkim Premier League and second match played by Red Panda FC. All eight teams of SPL must play seven matches in total before the semi final match of SPL.

It is evident that, Sikkim Premier League awards one player in every match with the ‘Emerging Player’ award and one player with ‘Hero of the Match’ award. In today’s match, Sangay Bhutia, of Singling Sporting Club was awarded with Hero of the Match, and Kiran Gurung of Red Panda FC won the Emerging Player’s award.

In tomorrow’s match of Sikkim Premier League, the match is going to be held between Siniolchu FC versus Brothers United FC at 1PM in Bhaichung Stadium.

Sushil Rai, Namchi correspondent.

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