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SKM dissolves the old and forms fresh committee for LT seat reservation: LTVC accuse them of “Misguiding LT people”

A Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) Party meeting comprising of the representatives and members belonging from Limboo & Tamang Community, was held at capital Gangtok on the 17th April’2022. As informed by the party, the prime agenda of the meeting was dissolving the former Committee and forming a new one.

The previous SKM Committee for “LT Seat Reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly” was formed on Memo.No. 897/SKM/2018 on December 22, 2018.
According to sources, the new Committee was formed comprising of :-

  1. Committee Chairman, Indra Hang Subba MP Lok Sabha.
  2. Committee V. Chairman, Basant Tamang Chairperson SNT GOS.
  3. Committee Member Secretary – Nosang M. Limboo Joint Secy. SKM SW.
  4. Committee Members – All Advisors and Chairpersons belonging from the Limboo and Tamang Community.

The meeting was chaired by, Minister Bhim Hang Limboo accompanied by MLA Soreng-Chyakhung, Aditya Golay Advisors & Chairpersons belonging from the Limboo and Tamang Community, Youth President Lakpa Moktan and senior party functionaries from the two community.

On this the Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee (LTVC) were prompt to raise a rebuttal saying that the present ruling party is mirroring what the past one did in terms of obscuring their agenda and not sharing tangible formulae or even a report.

“SKM stop forming committees! Stop the stunt misguiding LT peoples. Make your formula public immediately. Make a wise decision” – Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee (LTVC)

The LTVC via a statement released informed the SKM government to provide tangible reports or a formula for LT Seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly. The release said that on 22/12/2018 SKM party “formed a committee comprising of 10 members of LT communities for LT seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly headed by JB Tamling Limbu and Basant Tamang as respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Both are holding chairman posts at the present govt.”

“It’s surprising and disheartening to know that after 4 long years, this SKM 10 LT members committee couldn’t come up with a formula or a report for LT seat reservation solution. Their incompetence and lack of knowledge related with a serious issue like this is open for all to see. Dramatically this body was dissolved on 17/4/22,” the statement further said.

“We were under the impression that SKM govt will give long overdue justice to LT communities as per their given pre-poll and manisfesto promises, but after all these years in power SKM only manages to blame SDF for the delay of LT seat reservation.”- LTVC

Furthermore providing an analogous speculation the statement read, “Now 17/4/22 saw another new SKM LT committee headed by the MP which comprises of same old people and party post holders. We would like to question SKM regarding these people in the committee, their contribution towards the issue and number of times they have raised the issue at the State and Centre. During previous SDF govt also numerous committees were formed in the name of LT seat reservation- instead of solution, they delayed LT seat. These committees were formed to fool the public. Same gimmick is performed by the SKM govt. What then is the difference between SDF and SKM?”

“LTVC would like to repeat and remind SKM Govt. that LT seat requires SKM party’s formula, not any new comittee. Why is it difficult for SKM to disclose their formula? During oposition SKM demanded SDF govt to form LT seat from 32 and even boasted that they have LT seat reservation formula from the same which they would disclose after forming the govt. At least SDF had come up with Burman Commission and 40 formula while SKM’s stand hasn’t even begun. Perhaps, SKM is silently supporting SDF’s formula now what they had opposed during opposition” the statement further added.

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