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Sikkim Tourism – The Untapped Potential

While Sikkim has long been one of the most preferred destinations for the holiday goers across India, apparently the full potential of the beauty of the state is yet to be realised. This exact sentiment was echoed when a team of Superbikers was interacting with the locals yesterday. These bikers are presently on a nationwide expedition and were traversing through Gangtok, kyangnosla, Natula and Zuluk.

The team while complimenting the beauty of East Sikkim also wondered as to why the state machinery does not scale up the tourist activities. The locals expressed their keenness to contribute towards boosting tourism for which the state govt should enhance the existing facilities and provide greater access to the unexplored areas like Kyangnosla, Gnathang and Zuluk by providing permits, hotels & homestays, medical facilities and better mobile network in these areas. The Gram Pradhan Shri Milan Tamang at Kyangnosla also stated that this would help in providing more opportunities for locals in terms of employment in the hospitality and adventure tourism industry.

The expedition leader Mr Aiyappa who has spent a lifetime undertaking motorbike expeditions around the world rates the Sikkim circuit as one of the most picturesque and challenging riding circuits in the world. However, the issue of limited permits, if resolved, would make this circuit even more popular.

Besides, while discussing the other challenges with Shri Gopal Pradhan, the Headman of Zuluk village, it emerged that considering the huge potential of adventure tourism in Sikkim including trekking, cycling, hiking, water sports, aero sports and possibly even winter sports in Gnathang area, a little push by the govt could give a fillip to the tourism industry in Sikkim which would be a win win situation for all including locals, tour operators and tourists. In fact, the team observed a similar sentiment across the state while interacting with various villagers and other tourists enroute. Mr Aiyappa hoped that the state authorities would look into these aspects and proactively address them to attract maximum tourists to the state.

By“Vicktorianz”. A biker club based on Mumbai

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