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Sikkim to come up with an act to penalize govt employees for delay in public work

GANGTOK: On the occasion of 3 years anniversary of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha government led by Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, announced that the State will pass a legislation for Sikkim Public Service Delivery Act 2022.

In his address at Manan Kendra in Gangtok attended by officials above the designation of the under secretary, Chief Minister announced, “Any designated officer be it a block division officer or Range officer or any other kind, if his execution of public work is delayed, then he will be penalized. Public works and necessary documents such as driving license, trade license or any other document must be given in a specific time. We will be finalizing on various scheduled time for delivery of such documents. If it is a week of scheduled time, it has to be done in a week. If it goes beyond the date, the public can file a complaint. The complaint will go the District Magistrate, and the DM can penalise the concerned officer by Rs 500 per day. If the officer fails multiple times , then the officer will be face a disciplinary action”.

The Chief Minister further announced that, “Equally the best performing employees will get best civil service award or get an increment or even a direct cash prize”.

Looking back on three years of governance, Chief Minister Golay shared, “None of us were an expert in running the government, all we had was commitment. We got sincere and serious in our commitment. All government employees have aided us in our endeavour. We have seen the employees as part of our team, the previous government saw employees as mere servants. However we may be running the government, we have created a friendly environment between employees, politicians and people. We are getting recognised by Niti Aayog, we are getting invitations to other states to discuss on good governance that Sikkim has been exemplary of. We are the most improved State in law and order, we are the best performing state in governance among small states in 2021. We are the most film friendly state in the country with adequate policies for film and artistes development in the State. We were best performing in first dose of COVID 19 pandemic vaccination drive while doing equally well with the second dosage. Three of our districts were awarded for outstanding performance in sustainable developmental goals”.

He asserted, “No state with a new government has delivered as much as we have in these 3 years and it has been possible by the trust of the people and dedication of the State government employees. We have not differentiated on any constituency that we lost, we have worked for the overall of development of the State and will continue to do so. There will be no injustice from our government, but unknowingly it happens you can always approach us”.

Taking a dig on the former Sikkim Democratic Front government and former Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling, Golay asserted, “Many in the opposition as well as people put an expiry date of 6 months to 1 year on our governance. The opposition party didn’t try to recognise our government but those in the centre have and they have been doing so. There was never thoughts for revenge sorted against the previous government after us coming to power. I had to be responsible as the Chief Minister for everything that happens in the State. Unlike how the transition of governance in 1994 resulted in wide scale violence then. After the toppling of the previous government in 2019, there was high chances of violence erupting. Namchi was seen to have the potential to be the epicentre of that violence. I urged the Sikkim Police to control the situation. I urged the party workers to not resort to violence”.

Speaking about Chamling, Golay without naming him shared, “The person who tortured me the most, was the one I loved the most. But I have forgiven them and do not want to seek revenge against him (Pawan Kumar Chamling). Beleive in the democracy and accept your defeat. Even my position as CM is not permanent in governance. There is no right in staying power forever. Politicians and bureaucrats must work together to take Sikkim towards 50 years of democracy in three years time”.

On the trending Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) scam worth Rs. 45,000 Crores, Golay shared that investigation is being carried out by State Vigilance as well as by Enforcement Directorate. “This is being misused by people outside the state particularly because of our protection under 371F as Central’s Stamp Duty Act is not applicable in Sikkim along with income tax exemption in Sikkim. The Indian Stamp Act of 1889 is not applicable in Sikkim, as Sikkim has its own stamp act dating back to 1928. Despite the Indian Stamp Act being revised in 2019. With regards to MCX scam, we have registered the case. There is an investigation under way and people in the State need not be worried”.

Over development, Golay shared, “We must focus on national security, it’s our commitment over even the development of the State. We are trying to bring the State back on track. So many incomplete projects dating back to early 2000s had carried on as a liability till 2019. There was almost Rs. 11,000 crores of liabilities in the State when we formed the government in 2019. Rs. 4928 crores was the liabilities earmarked by the State. Rs. 5600 Crores were addtional liabilities while Rs. 681 crores on incomplete projects. We are trying to clear the pending liabilities. We had minimal resources. There were Rs. 980 crores in arrears as part of the pay commission. We are treating the 25 years of cancer that fell on Sikkim. The development model of the past government had it been better, it would have been easier. But we are currently correcting their wrong developmental model which was not taking Sikkim forward”.

Golay also highlighted how he doesn’t want personal publicity but rather his work to speak for itself. “I dont want publicity, my face need not come in every poster or publication. Unlike the previous government who had put the State IPR department under a loss of Rs. 10 Crores to promote the government’s various works. We need to promote and publicise far flung places in Sikkim, not even Gangtok which has been over publicized”.

Rather he inclined on promoting Sikkim internationally. “Taking Sikkim to international level, we must not forget our culture, heritage and history. We must market our State internationally. Not just locally here in Sikkim only. State Day celebration this time was a 4-day affair both in Gangtok and New Delhi. The opposition slammed us for taking Sikkim outside to Delhi is a clear understanding of how they have old mentality. Promoting Sikkim only in Sikkim is a very old thought, we must market our state even more”.
Golay also lamented how 9 months into governance, COVID 19 pandemic happened. He highlighted how it dampened the State’s progress yet the State to have excelled in the 3 years so far under his governance. “Our STNM Hospital has very rich manpower and equipment right now, some of which do not even exist in North Bengal. We have worked towards healthcare during the pandemic. We now have well refined doctors in existence currently”.
Golay highlighted how under his governance, press freedom has also been ensured, he highlighted how the previous government attacked press and publication houses. “We respect press, we have never misused them for propoganda to topple or keep ourselves in power. We have kept press and social media free. Even if you write negative, it wouldn’t affect me. We have given freedom, and we must work first. The press and media will directly work towards such positive stories.The idea should be on both sides of the story, unbiased. We have brought schemes for 10 journalists every year for exposure trips outside of the State”, shared the CM.

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