Sikkim Teachers Association meets Chief Minister PS Tamang, discusses 18 points memorandum


27th AUGUST: To discuss the present scenario of education and the status of the educators(pedagogue) in the state, a meeting was held, chaired by Honorable Chief  minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang.

The meeting also had the presence of Honorable  Educational Minister Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha,Advisor to the Education  Department Shri M.P Subba,ACS Education, Shri G.P Upadhyaya,Secretary , Shri  Anil Raj Rai ,Special Secretary, Shri Bhim Thatal and other officials of the  education department. The Sikkim Teachers Association, an important stakeholder  represented with 13 member team lead by the President (STA),Shri K.B Bhandari.  

The three stakeholders meeting, which was seen as one of its kind, primarily  focused on the measures needed to compensate on the educational loss incurred due   to the pandemic and how to revitalize the goal of enhancing quality education in our State.

In the meeting, the present status of teachers concerning the teaching   learning were also discussed, importantly the discussion was on 18-Point  memorandum, which had been submitted by the Sikkim Teachers Association   earlier to the Honorable Chief Minister.

The other relevant issues, which included   providing promotional avenues to all cadres of Teacher, provision of availing third   advancement grade for Teachers, provision for full pay study leave for Teachers ,   providing mobile Tablets to the students of Sikkim including junior classes was   also placed in the meeting. The Honorable Chief minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang,   considering education and teachers as the important aspect of national building,   assured, that all the matters raised by the STA would be looked into and affirmed   that majority of the genuine demands would be sanctioned very soon. 

The Sikkim Teachers Association, on the behalf of all the Teachers of Sikkim,   offers their heartfelt gratitude to our Honorable Chief Minister,Honorable   Education Minister, all other committed officials of the education Department for  placing education sector on top priority of the Government and also for facilitating   the teaching Fraternity with such a platform where we could share and address our issues comprehending all the stakeholders.   

K.B. Bhandari   


Sikkim Teachers’ Association    

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