Sikkim Milk Union preps road map for smooth & quality milk procurement in summer and landslide seasons from state’s co-operative societies

The Sikkim Milk Union has initiated several measures to improve the quantity and quality of milk procured in the state. The officials of Sikkim Milk Union are constantly putting efforts to collect only the quality milk. To achieve this, Sikkim Milk is organizing a series of awareness and practical demonstration at various places with an active participation of field supervisors in coordination with primary dairy cooperatives. All the dairy farmers are made aware that the quality improvement on milk can be achieved only when testing of milk is done at source of procurement and the milk quality is safeguarded by maintaining lower temperature using cooling facility. To achieve this, Milk Union is providing automatic milk testing machines and milk collection units with cooling facilities to the dairy farmers according to their level of procurement. Sikkim Milk Union is working on a mission to see that every milk co-op societies possess testing and cooling facility to achieve quality milk procurement in the state. Milk Union is aiming to provide smooth procurement channels for the society during summer and landslide season to minimize the curdling of milk due to high temperature and delayed transports due to landslides during rainy seasons.

As part this effort, on 9 Feb 23, the Secretary Animal Husbandry-cum-Managing Director Dr. Senthil Kumar chaired an action-oriented meeting with the Officials and staff of Procurement and Input Section of the Milk Union. The meeting was attended by the General Manager, Deputy Managers, Assistant Managers, Veterinary Officers, Executives and other officials of the Procurement and Input Section. The meeting was held at Milk Union Conference Hall at Tadong and lasted till late evening. All issues relating to milk testing, milk payments, milk incentive payments, operation of bulk milk coolers, input support to dairy farmers and capacity building of secretaries and PI officials/staff was discussed and the road map for the coming summer season was worked out for implementation. Earlier, General Manager Ms. Kesang Diki held an interactive session on the routing activity by the procurement section with PI officials. The meeting also assessed the status of milk testing and milk cooling facilities and the status of running of the society including timely release of milk payments and milk incentives to the dairy farmers. Secretary/AHVS-Managing Director Dr Senthil motivated them for improving both the quantity and quality of milk procured and regular maintenance of the equipment provided by the milk union. He also emphasized the importance of creation of chill milk routes in Sikkim and procurement of chilled milk at dairy plants. Accordingly road map for creation of such chilling facility and chill milk transportation was discussed and plan of action for the same in next two years period was discussed for every route. The field supervisors also suggested some of the field interventions for achieving the same and accordingly the management assured them all support for the same. The market forces now demand only the quality milk, hence he requested all the members to put all efforts to practice clean milk production as it is the key for production of high value products out of surplus production in the state.


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