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A team comprising of eight students from Sikkim Government Law College participated in Prajatantra, 2021, National Virtual College Competition from 25th to 28th August, 2021. Prajatantra 2021, was organized by Praja Foundation to include the youth (students) from across India and expose them to a whole new capacity of opinions, beliefs and an understanding of governance.  

The main objectives of the competition are to mobilise young leaders across India to participate in a festival on democracy and help them to understand the importance of democracy and functioning of its government and to empower the students to participate in governance by dispensing knowledge and perspective. 

The theme of the Competition was to form a mock model city government so that they understand how city governments function and the mayor and four committee chairperson of different committees were required to draft and present policy on Public health, Solid Waste Management (SWM), Mobility and Municipal Finance.  67 institutes representing 21 States, 3 Union Territories and 30 cities of India, participated in ‘Prajatantra 2021’ with over 500 participating students. The teams were asked to assign a Team/Imaginary Party Name and the Party name for Sikkim Government Law College was Prajasevak.  The Team Prajasevak representing Sikkim Government Law College comprised of the following students:-  1.Anisha Chettri, student, 3rd Semester (Debate over Proposed Policies) 

2. Binay Chettri, student, 3rd Semester (Op-Ed Writing) 

3. Binita Kumari Prasad, student, 3rd Semester (Engaging Citizens through Social Media) 

4. Adarsh Gurung, student, VIIth Semester (Policy Presentation on Municipal Finance & Quiz Competition) 

5. Anu Riya Subba, student, VIIth Semester (Policy Presentation on Public Health& Debate over proposed policies) 

6. Ruben Rai, student, VIIth Semester, (Policy Presentation on Mobility) 

7. Salina Gurung, student, VIIth Semester (Mayor Speech) 

8. Neha Gupta, student, IXth Semester (Policy Presentation on Solid Waste Management & Video Presentation on Five Stars of My City)  

Every member gave in their best in their respective activities in Quarter Finals. Ms. Salina Gurung, student, VIIth Semester and Ms. Binita Kumari Prasad, student, IIIrd Semester qualified for Semi Final Round for Mayor Speech and Engaging the Citizens through social media respectively.  Ms. Neha Gupta, student, IXth Semester, qualified for Semi Finals as well as Finals and secured 3rd Position in Policy Presentation for Solid Waste Management for Gangtok City and further secured 1st Position in the Video Presentation on Five Stars of My City. 

The Faculty Coordinator of the Team was Mr. Dawa Tshering Bhutia, Assistant Professor, Sikkim Government Law College who facilitated coordination and supported the team. The Team was led by Team Leader Ms. Neha Gupta, student, IXth Semester, Sikkim Government Law College.  The entire team and the SGLC Family is delighted by such achievement at National Level and is looking forward to more such opportunities in near future.

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