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Sikkim BJP in-charge refutes reports of BJP demanding ministerial posts

Sukanta Majumdar, In-charge, Sikkim BJP, has refuted the rumoured media reports of BJP demanding inclusion of  ministerial positions for its 12 legislators in the Sikkim State cabinet led  by Chief Minister, Prem Singh Golay of SKM. Asserting that he has been ‘misquoted’ by the national media, Majumdar, who is also the member of parliament from Balurghat constituency, West Bengal, said, “they (national media) have joined two different sentences in which I had mentioned different concerns.”
While speaking to Sikkim Chronicle about the inclusion of the BJP MLAs in the Sikkim state cabinet, he told that it’s an internal matter.
“I had just said that if our alliance partner offers us ministerial positions, then we will surely accept it. This sentence has been misquoted by the media.”
Claiming that SKM and BJP is like family, and they share a democratic alliance, he added, “we will resolve any issue within ourselves like a family. From the BJP’s end, all I can say is that we are sure to keep the alliance going.”
When asked about the recent incident of BJP legislator, Ugen Gyatso Bhutia being gheraoed by the public following the rumours of him joining the SKM, Majumdar informed that he spoke with the state’s CM personally, and he has assured that appropriate actions will be taken against those who were involved in the same. He also added that he has no clue about legislator Bhutia joining the SKM.

Sikkim BJP also called a press conference today in the capital. Sikkim BJP Spokesperson Raju Giri while speaking to the press responded to the media report on Sukanta Majumdar’s statement. He said SKM and BJP is in an alliance, and we are a supporter of SKM government, they are like our guardian. We deny all speculations of us demanding any cabinet berths.

BJP and SKM alliance was formed post elections and no such demands or conditions were kept from our side in context to the induction of our MLAs in council of ministers. Some national media houses have misquoted the words of Sukanta Majumdar.

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