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‘Shreemad Bhagwad Pravachan’ book translated in Nepali released

Brahmachari Divakar Chaitanyaji- Acharya of Chnmaya Mission- Kolkata was on a 5 day visit to Sikkim to attend the Book Release Program at Nepali Sahitya Bhawan, Gangtok on 8th Dec 22 and to give Talk on ‘ Art Of Peace’ to faculties and students of Sikkim University—a Central University on 9th December 22.

On 8th Nov 22, Br. Divakarji was welcomed at Nepali Sahitya Bhawan, Development Area, Gangtok to bless the Book Release Program. More than 100 devotees and eminent persons of the town attended the Programme which started at 11AM .

After the welcome of Acharyaji by offering of khadas, lighting of lamp was attended by Acharyaji, Pradhumna Shrestha, Sanu Lama- Padma Shree Awardee, President of Nepali Sahitya Bhawan Rudra Poudya land & C P Dhakal, Chief Information Commissioner.

It was followed by welcome speech by S K Sarda, General Secretary of Chinmaya Mission-Sikkim.

He introduced Acharya Divakarji whose spiritual journey started from 1998 and finally completed by joining 2-1/2 years rigourous Vedanta Course at Chinmaya Mission- Powai , Mumbai Headquarters and was given Diksha by Guruji Swami Tejomyanandaji in 2017 and currently posted at Chinmaya Mission-Kolkata.

Chinmaya Mission is an educational and spiritual organization founded by Swami Chinmayanandaji Maharaj in 1951 . After his great Tapas at the feet of Tapovanji Maharaj at Uttarkashi for 7 years, Gurudev started his journey to the plains of India and world around to spread the message of Vedanta- the science of living ,in the midst of chaos and confusion that existed in the world.

To spread the teachings of Vedanta and modern Curriculam , Chinmaya Mission set up more than 90 senior secondary schools in India , four colleges and in 2019 inaugurated Chinmaya University

Chinmaya Mission Centres which has now more than 350 centres spread through out the world which takes up regular programmes to make individuals a positive contributors to the the society through Bal Vihar for children, Chinmaya Yuva Vihar for Youths, Karma Yoga classes for Working People, Dhyana classes for the Aged.

In Sikkim, we continue to walk on the same path since 1994. In addition, we have created a forestry of more than 10,000 trees at Chinmaya Vanam, Bulbulay, near Gangtok – as our contribution to mother earth

He referred to today’s program & how H P Dhakal ji was inspired to translate the original writings of Guruji Swami Tejomayandaji entitled- ‘Shreemad Bhagwad Pravarchan’ into Nepali Language for the benefit of Nepali Bhasi living in Himalayans and worldwide. The book is voluminous and his dedication and devotion brought out 880 pages large book for the benefit of society and spiritualism

The modern age which we call the Digital age has increased our stress & competition. Families & society, office and market place all are finding new challenges every day.

Here, Vedanta- the science of life presents solution for all these ills by correcting the thinking process which ultimately will bring a sea change in our behaviour towards our family, society and country with full of positiveness.

With such vast inputs from Vedantic knowledge, we can use this digital age for our positive growth & happiness, peace & prosperity to make this world a wonderful place to live, work and serve, concluded S K Sarda

Later Dr L P Sharma introduced Guruji and H P Dhakal- the translator of book- ‘SHREEMAD BHAGWAD PRAVACHAN’ .

A book review was presented by Dr Kamal Dahal followed by offerings of Shawl to Acharyaji and personalities who supported H P Dhakalji’s work

H P Dhakal then addressed the gathering and told how he was inspired to translate this work for the common masses. And how he used Covid times to complete this voluminous work .

Then Acharayaji blessed the gathering and gave the meaning and purpose of Shreemad Bhagwad and how to dive deep in this ocean of knowledge for the success as well as Mukti.

Pradhumna Shrestha , Chief Guest praised the efforts of Chinmaya Mission for spreading the ultimate knowledge that bring peace and happiness in life.

On the occasion, 16 outstanding students of Chinmaya Bal Vihar were given Momentos by the Acharya and the Chief Guest. Currently +200 students have joined online and offline for regular learning of Vedanta managed by Yuvaveer Tara Prasad Dhungel.

The vote of thanks was presented by Tara Prasad Dhungel

The anchoring of the program was done by Dr Madan Mani Dhakal.

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