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Rs. 20000 for non-working mothers under ‘Aama Scheme’: CM PS Tamang

Chief Minister PS Tamang while addressing an event at Baiguney, West Sikkim today made series of announcement of  various projects and schemes.

While addressing the gathering CM Golay announced the introduction of ‘Aama scheme’ for non-working mothers of Sikkim. The scheme shall be introduced and implemented by Rural Management Department, Government of Sikkim and Rs. 32 crores has already been sanctioned for the current year informed the Chief Minister.

He further highlighted about the plan to launch the scheme after Dussera under which the non working mothers in the state of Sikkim shall receive a one time incentive of Rs. 20000 in the bank account.

While addressing the media, CM Golay highlighted about Rs. 100 crores already budgeted for the scheme for the next three years till 2023 and it shall be given to the non working mothers belonging to the BPL category. The scheme is an annual scheme and an incentive shall be transferred to the bank account of non working mothers in Sikkim. The scheme shall come as a  financial support to the women to support the financial needs of her and her family, added the Chief Minister. 

CM also informed that the official criteria for the scheme shall be framed by the concern Department and the notification shall be published shortly.

 “We want women to be financially conscious and want to develop the habit of saving money amongst women” added CM Golay.

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