Northeast Olympic games concludes: 3 Gold, 16 Silver, 31 Bronze for Sikkim

The 2nd Northeast Olympic Games end with 3 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 31 bronze medals in the name of Sikkim.

The 2nd Northeast Olympic Games concludes on November 16, with Manipur at the top of the medal table with 88 gold, 75 silver, and 77 bronze medals.
The 1st North East Olympic Games were held in Manipur in October 2018 with over 12 disciplines. The second edition was scheduled to be hosted by Arunachal Pradesh. However, the pandemic halted the initial plan; hence, Shillong finds its way to bridge the long gap and deliver the North East Games 2.0.

The 2nd North East Olympic Games were organized by the government of Meghalaya and the Northeast Olympic Association, in which 3000 athletes competed in 18 disciplines from different Northeastern States.
The official website of the Northeast Olympic Games states that the North East Olympic Games is an expression of solidarity by the north-eastern states of the country. Elite athletes congregate from the 8 north-eastern states to compete in various sporting disciplines.

The aim of organizing the Games is to encourage greater participation of youth in sporting activities, in order to discover talent for higher level & international competitions at an early stage.

The 2nd Northeast Olympic Games commenced on November 10 and ended on November 16, with Manipur at the top for both editions.

Assam stood second with a total of 203 (79G, 61S, 63B) medals, followed by Arunachal Pradesh with 112 (39G, 36S, 37B) medals, then Meghalaya with 149 (36G, 35S, 78B) medals, Nagaland with 78 (18G, 17S, 43B) medals, Mizoram with 106 (16G, 30S, 60B) medals, Tripura with 42 (4G, 11S, 27B) medals, and finally Sikkim with 50 medals in total.

Sikkim sent a contingent of 141 players, 13 coaches, 11 managers, 7 technical officials, and 5 delegates to the first Northeast Olympic Games in 2018, in which Sikkim participated in archery, athletes, Badminton, Boxing, Football (men and women), Karate, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Weight Lifting, Wushu Toalu (women), and Wushu Sanshoia (men), and sportspersons from the state were able to bag a total of 25 medals (1G, 7S and 17B) at the games.

The state contingent in the second edition included a total of 228, consisting of 197 athletes and 31 officials, in which the state bagged total of 50 medals; archery (a medal each for silver and bronze), athletics (5 silver and 1 bronze), basketball (a gold), boxing (a medal each for gold and silver and 4 bronze), karate (1 gold, 3 silver, and 8 bronze), taekwondo (4 silver, and 10 bronze), wushu (2 silver, and 5 bronze), and 2 bronze in weightlifting.

After the 2nd edition of NOEG concluded on November 16, the Chief Minister of Sikkim, PS Tamang, congratulated athletes from the state through a Facebook post.

He wrote, “I take this moment to commend the spirit of the athletes from Sikkim for participating in this grand event and congratulate the winners. The entire state is proud of their accomplishment, and we believe that with proper guidance and training they will be able to achieve further accolades. Winning and losing is a part of life, but what matters most is the process that teaches the athlete the enduring lessons of preparation, effort, and teamwork.”

He further acknowledged the efforts of the Sports Department, the Sikkim Olympic Association, the coaches, and the guardians who dedicated themselves to preparing the athletes and stood by them through all those long hours of training.

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