Marathon man Amar Subba along with his 6 disciples to participate in the upcoming stadium run at JN stadium, Delhi

NEB Sports to organize International marathon in collaboration with Athletics Federation of India and International Ultra Association held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi.

Amar Subba leading the group that will represent Sikkim in the stadium run, organizing  a presser at capital marathon man of Sikkim Amar Subba informed that “On December 2, 2021 seven participants from Amarathon  Academy including myself  shall travel to Delhi for 24 hour stadium run. This is the first time such an event is taking place in India, and the participants shall go through a selection process to compete.” 

The event is scheduled on December 4; 8:30 am onwards, and it will finish on the December 5 with Amar Subba competing alone for the 24-hour run. His students are participating for the 12-hour run staring from 4th December as well. 

The team consists of Amar Subba, Shiva Hang Limbu, Buddha Singh Limbu, Pritam Rai, Jatin Chettri and Phurba Tamang the only female contestant participating from Sikkim. 

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