LTVC to submit memorandum on Limboo Tamang job reservation to governor

Press Release 

Dated : 24/08/21

  It is known to all that LTVC is seriously working on restoration of Limbu and Tamang communitie’s decreased Govt job reservation ratio back from 13% to 15% in Sikkim.   Today, 24/08/21 LTV C President Yehang Tshong couriered a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim for invoking Article 371F (g)  in regard to increase the Job reservation ratio of Limbu- Tamang (ST) communities of Sikkim back to 15 % from decreased 13 %.

On 16/08/2021 LTVC members called  Sikkim Governor’s ADC and requested for an appointment with the Governor to submit  LT (ST) Job reservation memorandum. ADC told us to send mail for appointment at Rajbhawan office. Accordingly, LTVC member sent an email at Governor office on 17/08/21 and 22/08/21 related with  above mentioned subject. But after waiting for so many days Rajbhawan office failed to reply the mail.

Hence, LTVC posted the memorandum via courier on 24/08/21 through post office.   DOP secretary had earlier informed us that they will form a committee inorder to come into conclusion as the said matter is totally under the purview of state government. But still GoS failed to take any appropriate action in two and half years. Hence, LTVC was forced to approach the Governor requesting to evoke article 371F (g) and give justice to deprived  Limbu-Tamang (ST) communities of Sikkim.  

If this matter is not settled amicably this time, LTVC will be forced to file a suit at high court regarding the same inorder to get justice for LT communities because we have done enough with documentation since from the year 2019 and we want to make sure that nobody should blame us for the same.


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