Five missing minor from Mangan traced in Siliguri

Five students missing from Mangan, North Sikkim has been traced at NJP, Siliguri, West Bengal, within 24 hours of the search operation. On February 9 five students went missing from Mangan, North Sikkim.

According to Mangan police “On February 9, a joint FIR was filed at Mangan Police station under SHO Mangan PI Sher Bahadur Manger, it was mentioned in the FIR that on the 8th of February their children of around 17 years left for school in the morning and did not return home back.”

“The investigation was initiated immediately under the supervision of SI Bishan Rai, investigation officer. Their calls were traced immediately and it was found that their last call location was around Siliguri, so, the investigation team informed Siliguri police (detective unit), NGO’s, print and digital media and photos of 5 missing students were shared with them.” added the statement.

“After hours of search operation and investigation, the team were informed about the missing 5 students to be seen in and around NJP , thereafter the police went on the spot and took them into custody”, added the police.

However, the police informed the entire matter wasn’t the case of human trafficking and was the first missing case filed in North District of Sikkim in the year 2022.

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