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FIR filed against International Tamu Council founding prez, Resham Gurung by ASKCBS

An FIR against Resham Gurung a Nepal resident, founding President International Tamu Council under section 125(A)/295(A)/505(2) of IPC has been registered at Sadar Police station on October 13.

Complainant Deewakar Basnet, General Secretary of Akhil Sikkim Khas Chettri Bahun Sangh has alleged Resham Gurung of for inciting communal disharmony through his speech at International Tamu Conference at Dentam.

“His speech calls for social unrest among communities in Sikkim implying differentiation among people by virtue of our physical characteristics” reads the complaint. He further through his thought lines states his call for social unrest amongst communities in Sikkim by implying differentiation amongst the people by virtue of our physical characteristics.” reads the police report

“Sikkim has always been a state where community harmony has been sacrosanct. Someone coming from a foreign land and inciting communal disharmony is something we as people of Sikkim should strongly oppose and as an association we would like to strongly oppose this and also submit an FIR for his arrest so that anyone trying to disrupt the social fiber of the state is dealt with strongly.” Added the statement

Furthermore, Basnet in his FIR has demanded arrest of Resham Gurung, “We request your kind department to register an FIR against Mr. ReshamGurung and arrest him for inciting communal disharmony in our peaceful state of Sikkim so that in the future no one tries to disrupt our communal disharmony. Also in the future, we would request the Department and the State Government to closely monitor and direct organizations to seek permission from the MHA while inviting people as speakers from different countries so hat their credentials is thoroughly checked.”

Sikkim Police has registered a case under section 125(A)/295(A)/505(2)

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